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April 24, 2019

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Today, April 24, 2019, Ambassador Francisco Santos traveled to Cúcuta as part of his tour with U.S. congressmen to show them how the Venezuelan crisis is affecting children on the border.
The Ambassador and Senator Rick Scott visited the La Frontera educational institution where about 1,600 children study, of which 1,400 are Venezuelans. Senator Scott had the opportunity to see firsthand the difficult situation that thousands of people are going through because of the dictatorship in the neighboring country.  
“These children struggle every day to receive the education they can no longer receive in Venezuela, even having to cross dangerous rivers to attend a classroom. Carrying their notebooks over their heads so that they do not get wet, the children arrive at the educational institution to receive classes” asserted Ambassador Santos.
Financing education in the midst of the crisis is difficult, but Colombia is doing its best to be able to help from these types of institutions. From the solidarity and commitment that we have with our Venezuelan brothers.