Diplomatic encirclement is above any warmongering speech: President Duque

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February 27, 2019

Official Presidential Page

In dialogue with the media, the President denied that the efforts of Colombia and countries seeking a way out of the situation in Venezuela, pursue a military intervention, and noted that the message sent yesterday by the foreign ministers of the nations that make up the Lima Group, was to seek alternatives to solve the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.


In fact, he recalled that there is an international awareness of the migration crisis generated by the situation in Venezuela, which he described as "unparalleled in the recent history of Latin America".


He stated that many nations of the world are aware of the effort that Colombia and other countries have made "to attend to those migrants who are leaving their country, product of the dictatorship; with hunger and diseases".


 Duque commented that "there is still a great international emotion to continue seeking channels for the delivery of humanitarian aid," and Colombia continues to be willing to facilitate the logistics so that such aid reaches the Venezuelan people and that, "to the extent of our capabilities, we will continue to receive and store it.


He expressed the hope that the international community, with the participation of Colombia, will find a mechanism that will allow humanitarian aid to reach its destination and that "those dark events of the weekend will not be seen again.


He recalled that "barbarism and violence sought to prevent - at all costs - Venezuelans themselves from crossing into their country and bringing food and medicine to their loved ones.