U.S. Humanitarian Aid Continues for Venezuelan People

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February 19, 2019

Official Presidential Page

 A fleet of three U.S. Air Force planes arrived in the city of Cúcuta with tons of food, hygiene kits and food supplements, which are part of the deliveries made by the U.S. government to meet the needs of the people of Venezuela at the request of Interim President Juan Guaidó.

In order to receive this aid, the Colombian Government, through the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management, activated the protocol for the collection of this assistance, guaranteeing the security and all the necessary logistics for the safekeeping and conservation of the products in the Unity Bridge, while they are delivered to the Interim Government of Venezuela.


The protocolary act of reception of the aids was carried out in the landing strip of the International Airport Camilo Daza de Cúcuta in the presence of the local, national and international media.


"Eight days ago we announced the arrival of the first humanitarian aid for the Venezuelan people; today we have the pleasant news of informing that there are already more than 200 tons of this assistance that we guard and guard at the Puente de la Unidad. We emphasize that part of the aid has been purchased from Colombian suppliers, products such as oil, flour, lentils and rice, as well as hygiene kits, thereby contributing to the local economy and strengthening the national industry," said the representative of the Government of Colombia, Eduardo Jose Gonzalez Angulo, director of Ungrd.


"This humanitarian aid comes at a very opportune time as many children are hungry in Venezuela and almost all hospitals are currently experiencing a severe shortage of supplies and medicines. Six months ago I was here and now I keep hearing more and more stories of Venezuelans who continue to walk towards this area in search of food, help, medicines," said Mark Green, Director of Usaid on behalf of the U.S. Government.


At this moment, the Government of the Interim President of Venezuela is advancing in the planning and details for the next stage, which will be to move these aids, which Colombia now receives and guards, and then move them to Venezuelan territory, the only place where they will be distributed to the population that needs them.


For his part, Lester Toledo, representative of the Interim President of Venezuela, expressed his gratitude to the Government of the United States and stressed that aid would not be possible without the support of "so many people" committed to helping the people of Venezuela. "You are doing a job that is unquantifiable to us that is saving lives. We are saving lives with the arrival of these three planes and we are going to save lives starting next Saturday," which would be the date estimated by the Interim Government of Venezuela to deliver humanitarian aid in the neighboring country.


In total, more than 260 tons are guarded and protected by the Government of Colombia.