Indifference makes us accomplices,' said President Duque referring to Venezuela's crisis

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February 19, 2019

Official Presidential Page


The head of state held a meeting with Colombians living in the United States on Saturday in the 'Enrique Iglesias' auditorium of the Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).


Before these, the President explained what has been the position of his Government before the situation that is happening in the brother country.


"I want to tell you that our reaction to Venezuela is, first, to welcome the brothers who have fled that tragedy. Colombia has shown the world that there is fraternity, that despite fiscal difficulties we want to serve them," he said.


He added that the Government of Colombia has been clear that it is necessary to denounce the dictatorship of Venezuela, and that it has done so through the International Criminal Court (ICC).


In the same way, the President referred to the unprecedented diplomatic encirclement promoted by Colombia as a tool for democracy to return to this country.


"We know that it is necessary to advance in the diplomatic encirclement, and steps have been achieved that have never been seen before in this territory. Latin America had never seen a diplomatic encirclement like the one that has taken place," he said. 


In addition, President Duque considered that resolving this tragedy is beneficial for the Venezuelan people who are seeking an economic recovery, with social meaning, for both countries.


"Being in Washington these days has also allowed me to be very clear that our duty, without warmongering speeches and appealing to diplomacy and the strength of arguments, is that we must all unite in fighting for the freedom of the Venezuelan people, and we are not going to stop doing anything that is required on that front," concluded President Duque.