"We need to make the rule of law the country's most important asset": President Duque

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February 15, 2019

Official Presidential Page

During his speech at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, at the beginning of Thursday's agenda for his second day of official working visit to the United States, the President explained that the rule of law "makes us strong against crime, strengthens us against drug trafficking" and facilitates the generation of "a culture throughout the country where people value the law.
In his speech to more than 200 U.S. businessmen from the most varied sectors, the head of state stressed that the rule of law will lead to "people valuing ethics and people valuing the right way to act and to deal with different circumstances.
He also told leaders in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, manufacturing, agribusiness, food, finance and services, among others, that Legality is also equivalent to preserving the rules of the game.
"It is about having legal stability, juridical stability, that we are not going to change the regulation from one day to the next, simply because someone wants to favor another. No, we want stable regulation."
In his speech, the President stated that to speak of the principle of legality "is also to do it of legalization of the different sectors".
In this context, he pointed out that "we have shared with the world" the idea that for those who have committed to "reincorporate themselves into society and leave violence behind, we want to offer them productive opportunities so that these people can find a way to sustain themselves". "That's legality," he added.
He stressed that Legality is also "ensuring that people who want to put themselves above the law will always have to know that they will be brought to justice.
"That's the only way to build a lasting peace in Colombia," Duque said.