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“There are many additional actions that are going to be taken in order to see a real change in Venezuela ".

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February 5, 2019

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, held a meeting with the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo. During the meeting they discussed the most important issues of the bilateral relationship.
Minister Trujillo announced the scope of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and the challenge faced by Colombia in this matter, as well as what happened during the last meeting of the Lima Group in Ottawa and the measures taken by the member countries. Secretary Pompeo expressed his support in the task of finding a way out so that in that country there will be a transition to democracy as soon as possible.
The meeting was good, it was broad, it was constructive, there was an evaluation of the results of the Lima Group encounter and there are many additional actions that are going to be taken in order that things change in Venezuela and the Venezuelan people can live again. , in democracy and freedom ", said the Minister in his report.
In addition, he explained the coordination that is being developed so that humanitarian aid reaches Venezuela: "In what has to do with Colombia, there is a very careful work, they are advancing the necessary tasks so that the aid reaches the Venezuelan people. . Here the fundamental is the following; that those doors were closed during the dictatorship, and were opened by the new Government of President Guaidó. Colombia is cooperating so that this humanitarian aid reaches the Venezuelan people".