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“These has been some successful days for Colombia”, declared President Duque when concluding participation in the UN Assembly

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September 27, 2018

“These has been some successful days for Colombia”, declared President Duque when concluding participation in the UN Assembly
• In the last four days the Colombian Head of State had 17 bilateral meetings with presidents, prime ministers and other personalities, and he participated in nine events of global importance in New York.
New York, September 26, 2018.
President Iván Duque Márquez highlighted today the achievements obtained by Colombia this week in the 73rd Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization.
The President highlighted the recognition made by the UN to Colombia’s proposal to face the problem of drugs and the extensive agenda of bilateral meetings held in New York
"I believe these has been some successful days for Colombia, for multiple reasons. First, I think it was great news to have started the Assembly of the United Nations with the declaration that we, 130 countries, signed, to say that we want to confront the illicit drugs of our streets, in our society, "said the Head of the Colombian State.
He pointed the importance of his meetings with the presidents of the United States, France, Portugal and Peru, and with the prime ministers of Canada, New Zealand, Norway and Denmark, among others.
"We also met with several Latin American presidents and I think all the meetings were productive in regard to talking about opportunities, trade, integration, operation between countries. It is also a great achievement that six countries have accompanied us in the denunciation made in the International Criminal Court of Nicolás Maduro and the dictatorship of Venezuela, "he said.
He emphasized the "immense value" of the forums in which he participated, including the Bloomberg meeting, with former President Bill Clinton as moderator. Also the meeting with the other Pacific Alliance presidents, and those of the Colombo American Association and the Council of the Americas.
And regarding the appointment with President Donald Trump, he said that "it was the only bilateral meeting he had with a Latin American president."
"You know that the relationship held by Colombia and the United States is a bipartisan relationship," he told reporters. "I’m very happy to have dialogue with President Trump, to receive his support, to believe in the agenda that we are proposing to Colombia and the world," added President Duque.
In the last four days the Colombian Head of government had 17 bilateral meetings.
The President of the Republic met with six presidents, a vice president, four prime ministers, a former US president, the secretary of the UN, and five directors of international organizations.
He spoke with the Heads of State of the United States, Brazil, Ecuador, Portugal, Peru, and France; with the US Vice President, and with the Prime Ministers of New Zealand, Norway, Canada and Denmark.
Likewise, he had bilateral interviews with the Secretary of the UN, the President of the International Olympic Committee, the USA Secretary of State, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, the former US President Bill Clinton and with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Altogether, President Iván Duque was in nine events: the first workshop 'Building Country' (Construyendo País) with Colombians abroad, the high-level meeting for a Call to action against the world drug problem, the Nelson Mandela Summit, the meeting of the Colombo American Association, the Summit of Concordia, the high-level event on the migratory crisis in Venezuela, a meeting with the Council of the Americas, the Bloomberg Forum, the United Nations Assembly and the colloquium of presidents of the countries of the Pacific Alliance.