January 8, 2015- News Clips -

Fourth generation connections to the Internet increased 275 percent between January and September 2014, totaling 808,762 subscriptions, the Information and Communications Technology Ministry said.

January 7, 2015- News Clips -

Chile and Colombia are the leaders in entrepreneurship, according to a new study that compares startup activity and attitudes in 44 countries across the globe.

January 5, 2015- News Clips -

A project is being carried out in Colombia to assess the feasibility of building a papaya packing house in the Cordoba region with the ultimate goal of increasing foreign trade. 

January 4, 2014- News Clips -

… Tourism is also rising, and the government has adopted the phrase "magical realism" to promote it. Magical realism is usually associated with the literature of Colombia's pre-eminent writer, the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But it also describes what I saw here, from pink dolphins in the Amazon to Medellin's dazzling Christmas lights.

January 2, 2015- News Clips -

After years of prioritizing fossil fuels, Colombia looks set to embrace the renewable energy sector. In an interview with BNamericas, local consultancy Integral said the renewables industry would be led by small hydropower plants, despite regulatory obstacles.

October 28, 2014- News Clips -

The businessmen from the Valle del Cauca invested heavily in machinery and in the latest technology equipment for growing fruits like pineapple in the region. The investment will be used to improve the pineapple for export's harvesting, transporting and postharvest processes.

October 28, 2014- News Clips -

Car sharing in Colombia is becoming easier with an app created by the Fuimonos company that can be used on computers and smart phones, helping offer and hiring rides around Bogota. "Fuimonos is a Colombian enterprise, the result of the fusion of three companies working toward the same goal: lead people to share their car rides in this country," the project's founder, Diego Garzon, told Colombia.inn, an EFE-operated news agency.

October 16, 2014- News Clips -

Colombia and Panama will have the best macroeconomic performance in Latin America this year, while Venezuela and Argentina will have the worst, according to a Latinvex analysis of new estimates from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

December 4, 2014- News Clips -

Tell people you're vacationing in Colombia and some react like you're going to a war zone. Is it safe, they ask. But as Colombians are quick to point out, this country is very different from a generation ago. Pablo Escobar — the notorious drug kingpin who presided over a reign of violence — has been dead for over 20 years. Colombia still faces challenges, but it's made enormous social and economic strides.

December 4, 2014- News Clips -

Medellin for Christmas vacation? Si, si! The city once wracked by drug violence has undergone massive social and economic transformation, and it’s now known in tourist circles for spectacular Christmas light displays that veil churches, buildings, parks and even the Medellin River with glittering cascades of color.

December 3, 2014- News Clips -

… Cai, who is actually 30, is in a rush because she and her four other partners are out to build businesses through venture capital, but not Silicon Valley Cool. Her Colombia firm, Polymath Ventures, is all at the unglamorous end of the business, searching for ways to build scalable companies and services in underserved markets for Latin America’s emerging middle class. After our chat, Cai bolts from the two stories of tight office space atop a motorbike garage in a hardscrabble neighborhood in Colombia’s capital of Bogota. I tag along. Her next meeting? At an operations center of the firm’s first venture: a taxi garage. Cai says Polymath aims for every venture to succeed. “Our threshold is: If we do not think we can build a billion-dollar business in a 15- to 20-year time frame, we don’t do it,” she tells OZY.

November 22, 2014- News Clips -

Ten years ago, the idea that Colombia would become a burgeoning hub for any dynamic industry beyond its notorious drug trade would have struck most observers as far-fetched. As recently as the turn of the century, conventional wisdom had it that the tropical, Andean nation was on the verge of becoming a failed state. Fast forward to the present day and Colombia already boasts one of the region’s stronger startup ecosystems, with huge potential upside still waiting to be explored.

September 27, 2014- News Clips -

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has reiterated America’s “firm support” for the ongoing peace negotiations between Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels, the White House said.

September 26, 2014- News Clips -

“The Charlie Rose Show”

September 25, 2014- News Clips -

Colombia will expedite the environmental licensing process for oil, mining, energy and infrastructure projects, but maintain the same rigorous standards, the environment minister said on Thursday.

September 24, 2014- News Clips -

After a week of remote treks through the rain forests and an isolated ascent into the Colombian Andes with a small group of five International Expeditions travelers, I was convinced that we had the entire country to ourselves. I was even feeling a bit torn about coming home and writing about it, only to let this wonderful South American secret out.

September 24, 2014- News Clips -

Colombia proposed reallocating about $1.5 billion (3 trillion pesos) in its 2015 budget plan for infrastructure and social spending, Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas said on Wednesday.

September 24, 2014- News Clips -

President Santos interview begins at 08:14


September 22, 2014- News Clips -

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos talks about efforts to end a five-decade conflict with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the country’s economy and the potential impact of a Venezuela bond default on Colombia. Santos speaks with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker at the Bloomberg Latin America Forum in New York.

September 23, 2014- News Clips -

The four presidents of Latin America’s $2.1 trillion Pacific Alliance bloc said integration is a tool for fighting inequality and they will seek a common agenda with the Mercosur group, led by Brazil and Argentina.

September 29, 2014- News Clips -

On “Charlie Rose,” a conversation with Juan Manuel Santos. He is President of Colombia and won a second term this June. President Santos was in New York this week for the UN General Assembly meetings.

October 3, 2014- News Clips -

When four Latin American ambassadors to the U.S. met Thursday in Arlington, the mayors of Dallas and Fort Worth were on hand to welcome them.

October 3, 2014- News Clips -

Juan Valdez, the brand backed by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, is holding up to competition on its home turf from Starbucks Corp. (SBUX)

September 28, 2014- News Clips -

Fareed speaks with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos about the state of his country’s economy. Watch the full interview this Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on CNN.

September 12, 2014- News Clips -

… Santa Marta, Colombia, has been my home for the past two and a half years, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I arrived on a whim looking for new adventures and ended up staying, having fallen deeply in love with Colombia(ns) and its (their) magical charm.

September 11, 2014- News Clips -

In Colombia, there is an export grown that is prized the world over for its quality and energizing properties. That crop is, of course, coffee.

September 12, 2014- News Clips -

From afar, Cartagena’s skyline is deceptive. Its white towers rise above the Caribbean from a peninsula of tan sand and concrete, making it look like a bigger, beachier metropolis than it is. But with fewer than a million people, Cartagena is a sliver of the size of Rio de Janeiro or Los Angeles.

September 8, 2014- News Clips -

… So many countries in this summer of war can only dream of one day becoming Colombia. It is a nation far from perfect, with plenty of conflicts and problems, but on the mend and coming up.

September 4, 2014- News Clips -

Technology must be leveraged as a key tool for fighting poverty and helping spur businesses that can boost the social inclusion of very low-income Colombians, who make up 30.6 percent of the population, the deputy information and communications technology minister said.

August 30, 2014- News Clips -

ARRIVING in the one-time murder capital of the world is far less terrifying than expected. My first, breathtaking, taste of the new Medellin is from the 17th-storey rooftop bar Envy, its glass walls framing a valley of skyscrapers glimmering against the lofty silhouettes of the lower Andes. This sparkling amphitheatre looks like a vast fireworks display, frozen in mid air.