September 27, 2014- News Clips -

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has reiterated America’s “firm support” for the ongoing peace negotiations between Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels, the White House said.

September 22, 2014- News Clips -

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos talks about efforts to end a five-decade conflict with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the country’s economy and the potential impact of a Venezuela bond default on Colombia. Santos speaks with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker at the Bloomberg Latin America Forum in New York.

September 26, 2014- News Clips -

“The Charlie Rose Show”

September 25, 2014- News Clips -

Colombia will expedite the environmental licensing process for oil, mining, energy and infrastructure projects, but maintain the same rigorous standards, the environment minister said on Thursday.

September 24, 2014- News Clips -

After a week of remote treks through the rain forests and an isolated ascent into the Colombian Andes with a small group of five International Expeditions travelers, I was convinced that we had the entire country to ourselves. I was even feeling a bit torn about coming home and writing about it, only to let this wonderful South American secret out.

September 24, 2014- News Clips -

Colombia proposed reallocating about $1.5 billion (3 trillion pesos) in its 2015 budget plan for infrastructure and social spending, Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas said on Wednesday.

September 23, 2014- News Clips -

The four presidents of Latin America’s $2.1 trillion Pacific Alliance bloc said integration is a tool for fighting inequality and they will seek a common agenda with the Mercosur group, led by Brazil and Argentina.

September 24, 2014- News Clips -

President Santos interview begins at 08:14


September 29, 2014- News Clips -

On “Charlie Rose,” a conversation with Juan Manuel Santos. He is President of Colombia and won a second term this June. President Santos was in New York this week for the UN General Assembly meetings.

October 3, 2014- News Clips -

When four Latin American ambassadors to the U.S. met Thursday in Arlington, the mayors of Dallas and Fort Worth were on hand to welcome them.

September 28, 2014- News Clips -

Fareed speaks with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos about the state of his country’s economy. Watch the full interview this Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on CNN.

October 3, 2014- News Clips -

Juan Valdez, the brand backed by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, is holding up to competition on its home turf from Starbucks Corp. (SBUX)

August 30, 2014- News Clips -

ARRIVING in the one-time murder capital of the world is far less terrifying than expected. My first, breathtaking, taste of the new Medellin is from the 17th-storey rooftop bar Envy, its glass walls framing a valley of skyscrapers glimmering against the lofty silhouettes of the lower Andes. This sparkling amphitheatre looks like a vast fireworks display, frozen in mid air.

September 4, 2014- News Clips -

Technology must be leveraged as a key tool for fighting poverty and helping spur businesses that can boost the social inclusion of very low-income Colombians, who make up 30.6 percent of the population, the deputy information and communications technology minister said.

September 8, 2014- News Clips -

… So many countries in this summer of war can only dream of one day becoming Colombia. It is a nation far from perfect, with plenty of conflicts and problems, but on the mend and coming up.

September 12, 2014- News Clips -

From afar, Cartagena’s skyline is deceptive. Its white towers rise above the Caribbean from a peninsula of tan sand and concrete, making it look like a bigger, beachier metropolis than it is. But with fewer than a million people, Cartagena is a sliver of the size of Rio de Janeiro or Los Angeles.

September 11, 2014- News Clips -

In Colombia, there is an export grown that is prized the world over for its quality and energizing properties. That crop is, of course, coffee.

September 12, 2014- News Clips -

… Santa Marta, Colombia, has been my home for the past two and a half years, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I arrived on a whim looking for new adventures and ended up staying, having fallen deeply in love with Colombia(ns) and its (their) magical charm.

August 29, 2014- News Clips -

Cement company Argos became the first national business in Colombia’s history to win the prestigious Social Responsibility Award, recognizing the company’s “successful implementation of activities that generate positive effects in society, the economy, and the environment.”

August 29, 2014- News Clips -

Colombia’s avocado industry could double over the next decade and offer strong competition to the likes of Chile and Peru should it gain access to the U.S. market, according to global producer and exporter Westfalia.

August 29, 2014- News Clips -

Once they’ve cracked Brazil and Mexico, many fashion executives are now looking to Colombia, South America’s third biggest economy, to help boost their balance sheets as the country shakes off its violent image.

August 13, 2014- News Clips -

The City of Eternal Spring creates economic growth supported by a modern, effective and flexible IT infrastructure. Software AG (FRA: SOW) acknowledged today multiple awards received by Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city, in regenerating the municipality and the role IT played in driving economic growth and social inclusion. Amongst other awards, Medellin was acknowledged as “Innovative City of the Year” by the Urban Land Institute and received the United Nations sustainable transport award.

August 7, 2014- News Clips -

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Thursday began his second term with a call for unity among his countrymen with an eye toward building a new country enjoying peace, equality and education.

August 21, 2014- News Clips -

On a Saturday afternoon in Bogotá’s upscale Parque de la 93 neighborhood, a line of people extends out the front door of the country's first Starbucks. The cafe, a three floor, 2,700-square-foot space, opened just last month and is an impressive celebration of Colombian coffee. It’s the first Starbucks in the world to serve only locally sourced beans, offered in five varieties. A 19-foot mural, painted in coffee pigment and acrylic by Colombian artist Luis Carlos Cifuentes, depicts the brand’s Siren mermaid, swimming underneath the first shipment of Colombian coffee that the company ordered in 1971.

August 1, 2014- News Clips -

The storied city of Cartagena on Colombia’s Caribbean coast is not the easiest place to get to know, especially for those who’ve read Gabriel García Márquez. They will arrive with great expectations of a city rich in detail, characters and – hopefully – moments of magic realism. What they will find is a stunningly preserved, almost 500-year-old seaside fortress with such a mesmerising tourist veneer of pastel piles and tempting shopfronts that it can be hard to glimpse beyond it to the passions that lie beneath.

July 31, 2014- News Clips -

Colombia's central bank increased its main interest rates for a fourth straight month Thursday and raised its 2014 economic growth forecast, saying the better-than-expected economic activity seen between January and March will probably continue throughout the year.

July 28, 2014- News Clips -

Moody's Investors Service MCO +1.40% on Monday upgraded Colombia's government bond rating one notch to Baa2, citing the country's robust growth rates and potential growth as the nation embarks on a $25 billion infrastructure plan.

July 27, 2014- News Clips -

Thousands of people draped in yellow danced to accordion-heavy tunes and savored plates of plantains, arepas and sausages. Chants of “Viva Colombia” rang throughout the 45th independence day festival hosted by Hackensack-based Club Colombia USA, from the morning Mass to the afternoon live performances held at Overpeck County Park.

July 20, 2014- News Clips -

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos met Tuesday with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, calling for accelerated bilateral trade talks and more investment by the Asian economic powerhouse. Speaking after a meeting at the presidential palace, Santos noted that Japan was the biggest Asian investor in Colombia.

July 17, 2014- News Clips -

After a stunning performance in the 2014 World Cup games, Colombia shot up to fourth place in the FIFA rankings, beating Brazil by three spots, local media reported on Thursday.